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     Hi, I’m Sam, primo pooch here at Doggie Chop N.Y.C. Let me tell you a little bit about how our company started.

I used to eat over-processed commercial dog food, just like most dogs. Despite the fact that I was young and active, I was still overweight and had digestive problems. And let’s just say my fur, teeth and gums wouldn’t win me Best In Show.

My owner took notice, and started looking more closely at the labels on my food. He was shocked at all the chemicals, fillers and iffy ingredients he saw. (Do by-products sound appetizing to you? Me neither.) So he decided to do something about it. (After all, I am his best friend.)

After lots of research, he discovered that what’s in mainstream dog food can cause all kinds of health problems. It’s made with rendered meat that consists of things that would make your hair (or fur) stand on end, including diseased carcasses, euthanized animals from vet offices, chicken feathers and road kill. Plus, it’s packed with fillers like fruits, vegetables and grains that provide minimal nutritional value but make it cheaper to produce.

That’s why veterinarians recommend a raw meat diet. Similar to what us canines would eat in the wild, pure and unadulterated raw food lets us fulfill our naturally carnivorous cravings. In fact, our digestive systems are actually set up to process raw meat and its nutrients more efficiently.

 Appalled at what he had learned, my owner switched me over to a raw diet—and my health (not to mention my fetch game) improved immediately. That’s when the idea for Doggie Chop N.Y.C was born.

Delivering the finest quality, premium hand-cut raw dog food to New York City dogs, our assortment was developed with the input of two expert veterinarians. We’re the only brand that offers 100% meat with absolutely NO filler. All of our meats—from beef to chicken to turkey and more—are locally sourced from Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, known throughout the city for its top chops. This allows us to offer the freshest raw dog food on the market, going from the butcher’s door to yours in less than 6 days. (The competition takes a month at best!)

Additionally, all of our meats are GUARANTEED:

- Human-grade USDA certified

- Raised on a 100% vegetarian diet 

- 100% Natural (Never been administered any growth or synthetic hormones, beta-agonists and never received ionophores or antibiotics in any form)

- Verified Angus (By genotype versus phenotype)

- <30 Months of Age

- United States Born and Raised (Verified by signed cattle affidavit)

- Raised using humane handling practices and subject to an evaluation in accordance with accepted guidelines. 

As if our prime-quality meats weren't enough to make us the top dog, we also offer the ultimate in convenience. You’ll get home delivery in NYC absolutely free, and you can choose to place individual weekly orders or set up auto-delivery each month (the perfect choice for all you busy city dwellers).

Another reason to feel good about purchasing from Doggie Chop N.Y.C.? We donate a portion of our sales to New York’s ASPCA, to help animals in need.

 I think you’ll be bow-wowed at the level of freshness, quality and customer service. And from a pup’s point of view, I can assure you that every morsel we serve up will result in lots of tail wagging.

Bone appétit!